D-Bus  1.8.1
Here is a list of all modules:
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oD-Bus secret internal implementation detailsDocumentation useful when developing or debugging D-Bus itself
|oAddress parsingImplementation of parsing addresses of D-Bus servers
|oAuthenticationDBusAuth object
|oAuthentication implementation detailsDBusAuth implementation details
|oMessage bus APIs internalsInternals of functions for communicating with the message bus
|oDBusConnection implementation detailsImplementation details of DBusConnection
|oCredentials provable through authenticationDBusCredentials object
|oCredentials implementation detailsDBusCredentials implementation details
|oData slotsStoring data by ID
|oError reporting internalsError reporting internals
|oHash tableDBusHashTable data structure
|oHash table implementation detailsDBusHashTable implementation details
|oUtilities and portabilityUtility functions (_dbus_assert(), _dbus_warn(), etc.)
|okeyring classDBusKeyring data structure
|oDBusKeyring implementation detailsDBusKeyring implementation details
|oLinked listDBusList data structure
|oLinked list implementation detailsDBusList implementation details
|omarshaling and unmarshalingFunctions to marshal/unmarshal data from the wire
|oMemory allocation implementation detailsInternals of dbus_malloc() etc
|omemory poolsDBusMemPool object
|oMemory pool implementation detailsDBusMemPool implementation details
|oDBusMessage implementation detailsDBusMessage private implementation details
|oA hierarchy of objects with container-contained relationshipDBusObjectTree is used by DBusConnection to track the object tree
|oDBusPendingCall implementation detailsDBusPendingCall private implementation details
|oResource limits related codeDBusCounter and other stuff related to resource limits
|oResource limits implementation detailsResource limits implementation details
|oDBusServer implementations for LaunchdImplementation details of DBusServer with Launchd support
|oDBusServer implementations for SOCKETImplementation details of DBusServer on SOCKET
|oDBusServer implementations for UNIXImplementation details of DBusServer on UNIX
|oDBusServer implementations for WindowsImplementation details of DBusServer on Windows
|oDBusServer implementation detailsImplementation details of DBusServer
|oSHA implementationSHA-1 hash
|oSHA implementation detailsInternals of SHA implementation
|oDBusString implementation detailsDBusString implementation details
|oDBusString classDBusString data structure for safer string handling
|oUNIX-specific internal APIInternal system-dependent API available on UNIX only
|oInternal system-dependent APIInternal system-dependent API available on UNIX and Windows
|oThread functions_dbus_rmutex_lock(), etc
|oDBusTimeout implementation detailsImplementation details for DBusTimeout
|oDBusTransport implementations for socketsImplementation details of DBusTransport on sockets
|oDBusTransport implementations for UNIXImplementation details of DBusTransport on UNIX
|oDBusTransport object"Backend" for a DBusConnection
|odbus-uuidgen implementationFunctions for dbus-uuidgen binary
|\DBusWatch implementation detailsImplementation details for DBusWatch
oD-Bus low-level public APIThe low-level public API of the D-Bus library
|oAddress parsingParsing addresses of D-Bus servers
|oMessage bus APIsFunctions for communicating with the message bus
|oDBusConnectionConnection to another application
|oError reportingError reporting
|oUtility macrosTRUE, FALSE, NULL, and so on
|oMemory AllocationDbus_malloc(), dbus_free(), etc
|oDBusMessageMessage to be sent or received over a DBusConnection
|oMiscellaneousMiscellaneous API that doesn't cleanly fit anywhere else
|oDBusPendingCallPending reply to a method call message
|oProtocol constantsDefines constants which are part of the D-Bus protocol
|oDBusServerServer that listens for new connections
|oShared constantsShared header included by both libdbus and C/C++ bindings such as the GLib bindings
|oType signature parsingParsing D-Bus type signatures
|oUtility functions for strings with special syntaxParsing D-Bus type signatures
|oThread functionsDbus_threads_init() and dbus_threads_init_default()
|oDBusTimeoutObject representing a timeout
|oBasic typesDbus_bool_t, dbus_int32_t, etc
|\DBusWatchObject representing a file descriptor to be watched