for version 0.104

API Reference
DBusGConnection — DBus Connection
DBus GObject related functions — Exporting a GObject remotely
DBusGMessage — DBus Message
DBusGMethod — GMethod Info & Invocation
DBusGError — DBus GError
DBusGProxy — DBus Proxy
Specializable GType System — Specialized GTypes
DBus GLib low level — DBus lower level functions
Tools Reference
dbus-binding-tool — C language GLib bindings generation utility
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dbus-glib is a deprecated API for use of D-Bus from GLib applications. Do not use it in new code.

Since version 2.26, GLib's accompanying GIO library provides a high-level API for D-Bus, "GDBus", based on an independent reimplementation of the D-Bus protocol. The maintainers of D-Bus recommend that GLib applications should use GDBus instead of dbus-glib.