D-Bus  1.13.7
1 /* -*- mode: C; c-file-style: "gnu"; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*- */
2 /* dbus-marshal-header.h Managing marshaling/demarshaling of message headers
3  *
4  * Copyright (C) 2005 Red Hat, Inc.
5  *
6  * Licensed under the Academic Free License version 2.1
7  *
8  * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
9  * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
10  * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
11  * (at your option) any later version.
12  *
13  * This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
14  * but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
16  * GNU General Public License for more details.
17  *
18  * You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
19  * along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
20  * Foundation, Inc., 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA
21  *
22  */
27 #include <dbus/dbus-marshal-basic.h>
28 #include <dbus/dbus-marshal-validate.h>
30 typedef struct DBusHeader DBusHeader;
31 typedef struct DBusHeaderField DBusHeaderField;
40 {
41  int value_pos;
42 };
87 struct DBusHeader
88 {
104  dbus_uint32_t padding : 3;
106  dbus_uint32_t byte_order : 8;
108 };
111 void _dbus_header_free (DBusHeader *header);
112 void _dbus_header_reinit (DBusHeader *header);
114  int byte_order,
115  int type,
116  const char *destination,
117  const char *path,
118  const char *interface,
119  const char *member,
120  const char *error_name);
122  DBusHeader *dest);
124 void _dbus_header_set_serial (DBusHeader *header,
125  dbus_uint32_t serial);
126 dbus_uint32_t _dbus_header_get_serial (DBusHeader *header);
128  int body_len);
131  int field,
132  int type,
133  const void *value);
135  int field,
136  int type,
137  void *value);
140  int field,
141  const DBusString **str,
142  int *pos);
145  int field);
147  dbus_uint32_t flag,
148  dbus_bool_t value);
150  dbus_uint32_t flag);
151 dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_ensure_signature (DBusHeader *header,
152  DBusString **type_str,
153  int *type_pos);
154 dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_have_message_untrusted (int max_message_length,
155  DBusValidity *validity,
156  int *byte_order,
157  int *fields_array_len,
158  int *header_len,
159  int *body_len,
160  const DBusString *str,
161  int start,
162  int len);
164  DBusValidationMode mode,
165  DBusValidity *validity,
166  int byte_order,
167  int fields_array_len,
168  int header_len,
169  int body_len,
170  const DBusString *str);
171 void _dbus_header_byteswap (DBusHeader *header,
172  int new_order);
174 char _dbus_header_get_byte_order (const DBusHeader *header);
177 #endif /* DBUS_MARSHAL_HEADER_H */
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_copy(const DBusHeader *header, DBusHeader *dest)
Initializes dest with a copy of the given header.
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_remove_unknown_fields(DBusHeader *header)
Remove every header field not known to this version of dbus.
dbus_uint32_t byte_order
byte order of header (must always match the content of byte 0)
dbus_uint32_t padding
0-7 bytes of alignment in header, the distance from [B] to [C]
dbus_uint32_t _dbus_header_get_serial(DBusHeader *header)
See dbus_message_get_serial()
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_get_flag(DBusHeader *header, dbus_uint32_t flag)
Gets a message flag bit, returning TRUE if the bit is set.
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_init(DBusHeader *header)
Initializes a header, but doesn&#39;t prepare it for use; to make the header valid, you have to call _dbu...
Value of the highest-numbered header field code, can be used to determine the size of an array indexe...
DBusString data
Header network data, stored separately from body so we can independently realloc it.
This is used rather than a bool for high visibility.
This is primarily used in unit testing, so we can verify that each invalid message is invalid for the...
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_load(DBusHeader *header, DBusValidationMode mode, DBusValidity *validity, int byte_order, int fields_array_len, int header_len, int body_len, const DBusString *str)
Creates a message header from potentially-untrusted data.
int _dbus_header_get_message_type(DBusHeader *header)
Gets the type of the message.
dbus_uint32_t dbus_bool_t
A boolean, valid values are TRUE and FALSE.
Definition: dbus-types.h:35
int value_pos
Position of field value, or -1/-2.
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_get_field_basic(DBusHeader *header, int field, int type, void *value)
Gets the value of a field with basic type.
Cached information about a header field in the message.
void _dbus_header_byteswap(DBusHeader *header, int new_order)
Swaps the header into the given order if required.
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_have_message_untrusted(int max_message_length, DBusValidity *validity, int *byte_order, int *fields_array_len, int *header_len, int *body_len, const DBusString *str, int start, int len)
Given data long enough to contain the length of the message body and the fields array, check whether the data is long enough to contain the entire message (assuming the claimed lengths are accurate).
void _dbus_header_reinit(DBusHeader *header)
Re-initializes a header that was previously initialized and never freed.
DBUS_PRIVATE_EXPORT dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_delete_field(DBusHeader *header, int field)
Deletes a field, if it exists.
DBUS_PRIVATE_EXPORT dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_set_field_basic(DBusHeader *header, int field, int type, const void *value)
Sets the value of a field with basic type.
dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_create(DBusHeader *header, int byte_order, int type, const char *destination, const char *path, const char *interface, const char *member, const char *error_name)
Fills in the primary fields of the header, so the header is ready for use.
void _dbus_header_free(DBusHeader *header)
Frees a header.
void _dbus_header_set_serial(DBusHeader *header, dbus_uint32_t serial)
Sets the serial number of a header.
DBUS_PRIVATE_EXPORT char _dbus_header_get_byte_order(const DBusHeader *header)
Returns the header&#39;s byte order.
DBUS_PRIVATE_EXPORT dbus_bool_t _dbus_header_get_field_raw(DBusHeader *header, int field, const DBusString **str, int *pos)
Gets the raw marshaled data for a field.
Message header data and some cached details of it.
void _dbus_header_toggle_flag(DBusHeader *header, dbus_uint32_t flag, dbus_bool_t value)
Toggles a message flag bit, turning on the bit if value = TRUE and flipping it off if value = FALSE...
void _dbus_header_update_lengths(DBusHeader *header, int body_len)
Fills in the correct body length.