D-Bus 1.15.8
D-Bus low-level public API

The low-level public API of the D-Bus library. More...


 Address parsing
 Parsing addresses of D-Bus servers.
 Message bus APIs
 Functions for communicating with the message bus.
 Connection to another application.
 Error reporting
 Error reporting.
 Utility macros
 TRUE, FALSE, NULL, and so on
 Memory Allocation
 dbus_malloc(), dbus_free(), etc.
 Message to be sent or received over a DBusConnection.
 Miscellaneous API that doesn't cleanly fit anywhere else.
 Pending reply to a method call message.
 Protocol constants
 Defines constants which are part of the D-Bus protocol.
 Server that listens for new connections.
 Shared constants
 Shared header included by both libdbus and C/C++ bindings such as the GLib bindings.
 Type signature parsing
 Parsing D-Bus type signatures.
 Utility functions for strings with special syntax
 Parsing D-Bus type signatures.
 Thread functions
 dbus_threads_init() and dbus_threads_init_default()
 Object representing a timeout.
 Basic types
 dbus_bool_t, dbus_int32_t, etc.
 Object representing a file descriptor to be watched.

Detailed Description

The low-level public API of the D-Bus library.

libdbus provides a low-level C API intended primarily for use by bindings to specific object systems and languages. D-Bus is most convenient when used with the GLib bindings, Python bindings, Qt bindings, Mono bindings, and so forth. This low-level API has a lot of complexity useful only for bindings.