D-Bus  1.13.23
Data Fields

Implementation details of DBusConnection. More...

Data Fields

DBusAtomic refcount
 Reference count.
 Lock on the entire DBusConnection.
 Protects dispatch_acquired.
 Notify when dispatch_acquired is available.
 Protects io_path_acquired.
 Notify when io_path_acquired is available.
 Queue of messages we need to send, send the end of the list first.
 Queue of messages we have received, end of the list received most recently.
 Messages that will be released when we next unlock.
 Filled in if the first incoming message has been borrowed; dispatch_acquired will be set by the borrower.
int n_outgoing
 Length of outgoing queue.
int n_incoming
 Length of incoming queue.
 Counts size of outgoing messages.
 Object that sends/receives messages over network.
 Stores active watches.
 Stores active timeouts.
 List of filters.
 Lock on slot_list so overall connection lock need not be taken.
DBusDataSlotList slot_list
 Data stored by allocated integer ID.
 Hash of message serials to DBusPendingCall.
dbus_uint32_t client_serial
 Client serial. More...
 Preallocated list node for queueing the disconnection message.
DBusWakeupMainFunction wakeup_main_function
 Function to wake up the mainloop

void * wakeup_main_data
 Application data for wakeup_main_function.
DBusFreeFunction free_wakeup_main_data
 free wakeup_main_data
DBusDispatchStatusFunction dispatch_status_function
 Function on dispatch status changes

void * dispatch_status_data
 Application data for dispatch_status_function.
DBusFreeFunction free_dispatch_status_data
 free dispatch_status_data
DBusDispatchStatus last_dispatch_status
 The last dispatch status we reported to the application.
 Object path handlers registered with this connection.
char * server_guid
 GUID of server if we are in shared_connections, NULL if server GUID is unknown or connection is private.
dbus_bool_t dispatch_acquired
 Someone has dispatch path (can drain incoming queue)
dbus_bool_t io_path_acquired
 Someone has transport io path (can use the transport to read/write messages)
unsigned int shareable: 1
 TRUE if libdbus owns a reference to the connection and can return it from dbus_connection_open() more than once
unsigned int exit_on_disconnect: 1
 If TRUE, exit after handling disconnect signal.
unsigned int route_peer_messages: 1
 If TRUE, if org.freedesktop.DBus.Peer messages have a bus name, don't handle them automatically.
unsigned int disconnected_message_arrived: 1
 We popped or are dispatching the disconnected message. More...
unsigned int disconnected_message_processed: 1
 We did our default handling of the disconnected message, such as closing the connection.
unsigned int have_connection_lock: 1
 Used to check locking.

Detailed Description

Implementation details of DBusConnection.

All fields are private.

Definition at line 256 of file dbus-connection.c.

Field Documentation

◆ client_serial

dbus_uint32_t DBusConnection::client_serial

Client serial.

Increments each time a message is sent

Definition at line 291 of file dbus-connection.c.

◆ disconnected_message_arrived

unsigned int DBusConnection::disconnected_message_arrived

We popped or are dispatching the disconnected message.

if the disconnect_message_link is NULL then we queued it, but this flag is whether it got to the head of the queue.

Definition at line 321 of file dbus-connection.c.

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