D-Bus  1.13.23
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Memory pool implementation details

DBusMemPool implementation details. More...

Data Structures

struct  DBusFreedElement
 struct representing an element on the free list. More...
struct  DBusMemBlock
 DBusMemBlock object represents a single malloc()-returned block that gets chunked up into objects in the memory pool. More...
struct  DBusMemPool
 Internals fields of DBusMemPool. More...


 The dummy size of the variable-length "elements" field in DBusMemBlock.


typedef struct DBusFreedElement DBusFreedElement
 typedef so DBusFreedElement struct can refer to itself.
typedef struct DBusMemBlock DBusMemBlock
 Typedef for DBusMemBlock so the struct can recursively point to itself.

Detailed Description

DBusMemPool implementation details.

The guts of DBusMemPool.