D-Bus  1.13.23
Data Fields

Internal members of DBusAuth. More...

Data Fields

int refcount
 reference count
const char * side
 Client or server.
DBusString incoming
 Incoming data buffer.
DBusString outgoing
 Outgoing data buffer.
const DBusAuthStateDatastate
 Current protocol state.
const DBusAuthMechanismHandlermech
 Current auth mechanism.
DBusString identity
 Current identity we're authorizing as.
 Credentials read from socket.
 Credentials that are authorized.
 Identity client has requested.
DBusString context
 Cookie scope.
 Keyring for cookie mechanism.
int cookie_id
 ID of cookie to use.
DBusString challenge
 Challenge sent to client.
char ** allowed_mechs
 Mechanisms we're allowed to use, or NULL if we can use any.
unsigned int needed_memory: 1
 We needed memory to continue since last successful getting something done.
unsigned int already_got_mechanisms: 1
 Client already got mech list.
unsigned int already_asked_for_initial_response: 1
 Already sent a blank challenge to get an initial response.
unsigned int buffer_outstanding: 1
 Buffer is "checked out" for reading data into.
unsigned int unix_fd_possible: 1
 This side could do unix fd passing.
unsigned int unix_fd_negotiated: 1
 Unix fd was successfully negotiated.

Detailed Description

Internal members of DBusAuth.

Definition at line 153 of file dbus-auth.c.

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