D-Bus  1.13.10
Data Fields

Babysitter implementation details. More...

Data Fields

int refcount
 Reference count.
char * log_name
 the name under which to log messages about this process being spawned
DBusSocket socket_to_babysitter
 Connection to the babysitter process.
int error_pipe_from_child
 Connection to the process that does the exec()
pid_t sitter_pid
 PID Of the babysitter.
pid_t grandchild_pid
 PID of the grandchild.
 Error pipe watch.
 Sitter pipe watch.
DBusBabysitterFinishedFunc finished_cb
void * finished_data
int errnum
 Error number.
int status
 Exit status code.
unsigned int have_child_status: 1
 True if child status has been reaped.
unsigned int have_fork_errnum: 1
 True if we have an error code from fork()
unsigned int have_exec_errnum: 1
 True if we have an error code from exec()
DBusAtomic refcount
HANDLE thread_handle
HANDLE child_handle
DBusSocket socket_to_main
dbus_bool_t have_spawn_errno
int spawn_errno
dbus_bool_t have_child_status
int child_status

Detailed Description

Babysitter implementation details.

Definition at line 249 of file dbus-spawn-unix.c.

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