D-Bus  1.13.23
Data Fields

Internals of DBusCounter. More...

Data Fields

int refcount
 reference count
long size_value
 current size counter value
long unix_fd_value
 current unix fd counter value
long notify_size_guard_value
 call notify function when crossing this size value
long notify_unix_fd_guard_value
 call notify function when crossing this unix fd value
DBusCounterNotifyFunction notify_function
 notify function
void * notify_data
 data for notify function
dbus_bool_t notify_pending: 1
 TRUE if the guard value has been crossed.
 Lock on the entire DBusCounter.

Detailed Description

Internals of DBusCounter.

DBusCounter internals. DBusCounter is an opaque object, it must be used via accessor functions.

Definition at line 54 of file dbus-resources.c.

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