D-Bus 1.15.8
Data Fields

Implementation details of DBusMessageLoader. More...

#include <dbus-message-private.h>

Data Fields

int refcount
 Reference count. More...
DBusString data
 Buffered data. More...
 Complete messages. More...
long max_message_size
 Maximum size of a message. More...
long max_message_unix_fds
 Maximum unix fds in a message. More...
DBusValidity corruption_reason
 why we were corrupted More...
unsigned int corrupted: 1
 We got broken data, and are no longer working. More...
unsigned int buffer_outstanding: 1
 Someone is using the buffer to read. More...

Detailed Description

Implementation details of DBusMessageLoader.

All members are private.

Definition at line 62 of file dbus-message-private.h.

Field Documentation

◆ buffer_outstanding

unsigned int DBusMessageLoader::buffer_outstanding

Someone is using the buffer to read.

Definition at line 77 of file dbus-message-private.h.

Referenced by _dbus_message_loader_get_buffer(), and _dbus_message_loader_return_buffer().

◆ corrupted

unsigned int DBusMessageLoader::corrupted

◆ corruption_reason

DBusValidity DBusMessageLoader::corruption_reason

◆ data

DBusString DBusMessageLoader::data

◆ max_message_size

long DBusMessageLoader::max_message_size

◆ max_message_unix_fds

long DBusMessageLoader::max_message_unix_fds

◆ messages

DBusList* DBusMessageLoader::messages

◆ refcount

int DBusMessageLoader::refcount

Reference count.

Definition at line 64 of file dbus-message-private.h.

Referenced by _dbus_message_loader_new(), _dbus_message_loader_ref(), and _dbus_message_loader_unref().

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