D-Bus  1.13.10
Data Fields
DBusRealString Struct Reference

Internals of DBusString. More...

#include <dbus-string-private.h>

Data Fields

unsigned char * str
 String data, plus nul termination.
int len
 Length without nul.
int allocated
 Allocated size of data.
unsigned int constant: 1
 String data is not owned by DBusString.
unsigned int locked: 1
 DBusString has been locked and can't be changed.
unsigned int valid: 1
 DBusString is valid (initialized and not freed)
unsigned int align_offset: 3
 str - align_offset is the actual malloc block

Detailed Description

Internals of DBusString.

DBusString internals. DBusString is an opaque objects, it must be used via accessor functions.

Definition at line 43 of file dbus-string-private.h.

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