D-Bus  1.13.23
Data Fields

Internals of DBusServer object. More...

#include <dbus-server-protected.h>

Data Fields

DBusAtomic refcount
 Reference count.
const DBusServerVTablevtable
 Virtual methods for this instance.
 Lock on the server object.
DBusGUID guid
 Globally unique ID of server.
DBusString guid_hex
 Hex-encoded version of GUID.
 Our watches.
 Our timeouts.
char * address
 Address this server is listening on.
dbus_bool_t published_address
 flag which indicates that server has published its bus address.
int max_connections
 Max number of connections allowed at once.
DBusDataSlotList slot_list
 Data stored by allocated integer ID.
DBusNewConnectionFunction new_connection_function
 Callback to invoke when a new connection is created.
void * new_connection_data
 Data for new connection callback.
DBusFreeFunction new_connection_free_data_function
 Callback to invoke to free new_connection_data when server is finalized or data is replaced.
char ** auth_mechanisms
 Array of allowed authentication mechanisms.
unsigned int disconnected: 1
 TRUE if we are disconnected.
unsigned int have_server_lock: 1
 Does someone have the server mutex locked.

Detailed Description

Internals of DBusServer object.

Definition at line 56 of file dbus-server-protected.h.

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