D-Bus  1.13.23
DBusTransport implementations for UNIX

Implementation details of DBusTransport on UNIX. More...


DBusTransport_dbus_transport_new_for_domain_socket (const char *path, dbus_bool_t abstract, DBusError *error)
 Creates a new transport for the given Unix domain socket path. More...
DBusTransportOpenResult _dbus_transport_open_platform_specific (DBusAddressEntry *entry, DBusTransport **transport_p, DBusError *error)
 Opens platform specific transport types. More...

Detailed Description

Implementation details of DBusTransport on UNIX.

Function Documentation

◆ _dbus_transport_new_for_domain_socket()

DBusTransport* _dbus_transport_new_for_domain_socket ( const char *  path,
dbus_bool_t  abstract,
DBusError error 

Creates a new transport for the given Unix domain socket path.

This creates a client-side of a transport.

paththe path to the domain socket.
abstractTRUE to use abstract socket namespace
erroraddress where an error can be returned.
a new transport, or NULL on failure.

Definition at line 58 of file dbus-transport-unix.c.

Referenced by _dbus_transport_open_platform_specific().

◆ _dbus_transport_open_platform_specific()

DBusTransportOpenResult _dbus_transport_open_platform_specific ( DBusAddressEntry entry,
DBusTransport **  transport_p,
DBusError error 

Opens platform specific transport types.

entrythe address entry to try opening
transport_preturn location for the opened transport
errorerror to be set
result of the attempt

Definition at line 221 of file dbus-transport-unix.c.

References _dbus_assert, _dbus_set_bad_address(), _dbus_strdup(), _dbus_transport_new_for_domain_socket(), dbus_address_entry_get_method(), dbus_address_entry_get_value(), DBUS_ERROR_NO_MEMORY, dbus_free_string_array(), dbus_new0, dbus_set_error(), FALSE, NULL, and TRUE.