D-Bus  1.13.23
Data Fields
DBusTransport Struct Reference

Object representing a transport such as a socket. More...

#include <dbus-transport-protected.h>

Data Fields

int refcount
 Reference count.
const DBusTransportVTablevtable
 Virtual methods for this instance.
 Connection owning this transport.
 Message-loading buffer.
 Authentication conversation.
 Credentials of other end read from the socket.
long max_live_messages_size
 Max total size of received messages.
long max_live_messages_unix_fds
 Max total unix fds of received messages.
 Counter for size/unix fds of all live messages.
char * address
 Address of the server we are connecting to (NULL for the server side of a transport)
char * expected_guid
 GUID we expect the server to have, NULL on server side or if we don't have an expectation.
DBusAllowUnixUserFunction unix_user_function
 Function for checking whether a user is authorized.
void * unix_user_data
 Data for unix_user_function.
DBusFreeFunction free_unix_user_data
 Function to free unix_user_data.
DBusAllowWindowsUserFunction windows_user_function
 Function for checking whether a user is authorized.
void * windows_user_data
 Data for windows_user_function.
DBusFreeFunction free_windows_user_data
 Function to free windows_user_data.
unsigned int disconnected: 1
 TRUE if we are disconnected.
unsigned int authenticated: 1
 Cache of auth state; use _dbus_transport_peek_is_authenticated() to query value.
unsigned int send_credentials_pending: 1
 TRUE if we need to send credentials
unsigned int receive_credentials_pending: 1
 TRUE if we need to receive credentials
unsigned int is_server: 1
 TRUE if on the server side
unsigned int unused_bytes_recovered: 1
 TRUE if we've recovered unused bytes from auth
unsigned int allow_anonymous: 1
 TRUE if an anonymous client can connect

Detailed Description

Object representing a transport such as a socket.

A transport can shuttle messages from point A to point B, and is the backend for a DBusConnection.

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